My Platform

Throughout my 35 years as a pharmacist and business owner, I have learned that in order for a business to be successful, those who run it must:

  • Never spend excessively or wastefully
  • Manage and, whenever possible, reduce necessary debt. Avoid unnecessary debt whenever possible
  • Invest money wisely

The time has come for our own elected leaders to operate according to the above principles. The hard-working citizens of Oshawa deserve a leadership team that is capable and dedicated to one goal: maximizing Oshawa’s potential in a way that ensures the well-being of its citizens and enables them to thrive.

During this canvassing period, I have stated my belief that if we continue to elect the same individuals over and over again, at some point, we must conclude that they are part of the problem and therefore not part of the much-needed solution.

The time for a changing of the guard is upon us. The people of Oshawa deserve and would benefit from new people with fresh insights and new solutions to the old and recurring problems.

If elected, I will work to:

  • Reduce property tax
  • Fight for an immediate freeze in the city budget
  • Explore options with the management team of every department of City Hall to brainstorm solutions aimed at reducing waste and promoting an increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Explore more affordable housing options for our aging population
  • Initiate an immediate review of all city-owned real estate and other assets; the goal here would be to minimize or eliminate assets that are not and cannot be cash flow positive, and maximize and increase those assets which are cash flow positive
  • Work closely with the regional, provincial and federal government to allow Oshawa the flexibility to reallocate funding to other, more important needs, whenever necessary
  • Work closely with the private sector and Big Business to explore options to revamp our lakefront

Clearly, this is only a short list that alludes to the problems that need to be reviewed and addressed by our elected officials.

Understanding the city’s fundamental obligations to its citizens (i.e., garbage pickup, law enforcement, road maintenance, just to name a few), elected officials must be vigilant to ensure our citizens that City Hall is an institute whose primary goal is to serve the people of Oshawa.

Oshawa is a great city, a city with a huge potential, a city with fine parks, great communities, a melting pot of people from many races, cultures and religious beliefs working together. We the people, along with our elected officials, can and will ensure that all visitors and new arrivals really are “prepared to be amazed” by all that we have and will have to offer.

Thank you.